Friday, January 30, 2009

Viva Cuba!

Just got back from 7 days in Cuba-thanks Steve and Fan! It was great to be with you. Hope it's not too cold in Canada Fan!! A special hello to Shannon too! Havana is great, a photographers heaven. There are simply photo's on every street corner. The old architecture, the vibrant people, the 50's American Classic cars, sunshine and narrow streets all add up to great photo opportunities. It was remarkably safe, yes a few people wanting money but they never got heavy when none was forthcoming and always had a smile on their faces. The main problem was the car exhaust pollution (old Russian engines) which was quite nasty and a bit annoying but not enough to put me off going again, hopefully real soon.
Definitely recommended to go. It is changing and 'beautiful' decaying streets are being renovated (for the better in my opinion) but don't worry it will take many many years to finish. Now just got 60Gb worth of cards to wade through!

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