Sunday, January 18, 2009

apple mac problems

Well, I've just got my computer back from Apple. What a fiasco! The dvd superdrive has failed twice before and after 2 weeks in 'hospital' they brought it out and it failed again in front of the manager. Fair enough they did refund the entire amount and I ended up buying a new computer and screen and they were very sorry and in the end helpful but Apple are not reliable anymore which is bad news considering the high cost of purchase. A friend also had a problem and the shop said before Intel processors were fitted they never had one back for repair but now get loads back. I just don't see it being economically viable anymore. Perhaps 2 pc's next time-one as a backup would make better business sense? My beautiful old G4's are now obsolete thanks to the swap to Intel processors and Adobe not supporting them with CS4.
Oh for the old film days when life was so much simpler!! I spend more time on IT than on my photography now!

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Mike R said...

I am resisting the 'upgrade' to Intel processor Mac for as long as possible. Very pleased that I'm able to run Adobe CS4 on my G5 PowerMac!