Friday, May 25, 2012

always double check your memory card!

Here is a little software tip. Always get into the habit of double checking your memory cards have been downloaded onto your computer/hard drive storage. After filling up your card the next step is to put it onto your computer. If, like me you get forgetful you end up going out with a card full of images. Did I load them onto the computer-can't remember? If so, then you have to either gamble you did upload the pics and it's ok to wipe the card clean or use a spare card or go home!!!
As I have many cards it is not such a problem.
Secondly, always check the pictures are definitely on your computer before reformatting your card. You can end up with four or five cards full of pics and accidently delete pics that have yet to be uploaded.

so, workflow is this...

fill card with lovely pics

copy pics onto computer/hard drive

check pics are all there on computer and then wipe the card by reformatting it there and then so there is no doubt about reusing it again.

If in doubt, double check the card by looking at pics on camera and comparing to your folders on your computer. I nearly wiped a card that was in my "finished uploading and ready for reformatting pile". I double checked and discovered it had NOT yet been copied onto the computer-phew, that was a lucky escape!

so the tip is

" always double check pics are on the computer before reformatting"!!!!

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