Friday, May 28, 2010

Tamron focus problem, 90 mm AF F2.8 macro

Well, I have never written a post complaining about a company before but feel I have to voice my opinions on this particular matter. I purchased a Tamron 90mm AF F2.8 macro lens in the USA while visiting my parents who live there. The lens was fine at first-excellent quality sharpness but very poor AF-slow, clunky and noisy-just what you need when shooting timid wildlife close up!! The build quality is somewhat plasticky compared to my old Tamron 90mm (not AF or auto exposure). On a recent trip to France it suddenly stopped focusing from approx 20ft to infinity. I emailed Tamron USA with pictures showing the problem, even adding shots from my old Tamron 90mm lens to show it was the lens and not me nor the camera.
There response was to suggest I didn't know how to focus my lens properly- I only have 25 years experience behind a camera (15 as a pro) so what do I know?!! I sent them an email saying such and have since had no reply from them. What appalling after sales service, what an appalling lens! I am a firm believer that you only really get to know a company when things go wrong. My recommendation is to steer clear of this lens at all costs and any other Tamron lens. If you have a problem you are well and truly scuppered. I have noticed many other complaints about Tamron so I suggest you do a little Googling for your own research. I have always been a fan of Tamron lenses but now feel completely let down by their poor customer support. Have you had any bad experiences with Tamron?

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Sammy said...

Do you still use the lens at all? I've just bought a Tamron 90 SP 172E and it's autofocus is absolutely shocking. I can usually do better manually focusing by eye and my eyesight sucks. Unfortunately I bought on Ebay and I don't think the seller will take it back, so I'm going to have to either wear it and use exclusively for macro or otherwise onsell.

There are a lot of positive reviews on the web and I believe they are either misleading or this problem only happens on some lenses.