Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photography workshop, Snowdonia, Wales

Just finished a photography workshop in Snowdonia. Thanks to all who attended-Phil, Charles, Alan and Linzi. Also to Ze on a previous workshop. We had mixed weather but managed to make the most of all the different weather conditions thrown at us. It is amazing how you can find a suitable subject depending on the weather. Even on rainy days we shot waterfalls and detail shots that most people would walk past without even noticing. Photography is often about the little details not just the grand view of the landscape. Here are a few pictures that will hopefully show you about finding little corners to photograph. They are often more rewarding than trying to shoot the 'big picture'.


sonja frank said...

Hi Tim,
loving all those beautiful Snowdonia pictures. I'm living on Anglesey myself and I'm just getting started with photography. Are you doing workshops for beginners as well?
Anyway, it's grey and overcast today but your pics have given me the motivation to venture outside anyway and take some myself.

Tim Gartside said...

Hi Sonja

Sorry for the delay in writing-been away for 5 weeks! I certainly do have workshops for beginners and would love to hear from you. Please send me an will send more details via email.