Monday, August 10, 2009

beautiful sunflower field in Sussex

Took this a few days ago-thanks Steve! Had an amazing time walking through these giant sunflowers. A wonderful farmer had planted several fields so spent most of the day and sunset shooting almost 2 x 8Gb cards! Not often you get to see sunflowers in this country so a rare treat. The sun is a montage, I thought it deserved a glorious sun behind. See more of my work on Flickr or visit my website


oh amy said...

Hi, can you share the exact location please? I would love to visit there... Are there allow public to stay till sunset?

Many thanks

Tim Gartside said...

it's slightly south and west of Partridge Green, Surrey B2135 in a field that changes each year with crop rotation and may not be visible from road so not easy

Tim Gartside said...

finished for this year look out early august